Dong A University completed the accreditation of education quality in the second period.

On November 20th, Dong A University achieved the decision and certificate for the accreditation of educational institutions in the second period.

According to the final result, Dong A University was assessed to meet 99/111 criteria or 89.2 percent of the criteria matching the requirements pursuant to the Ministry of Education and Training's new set of standards. The University is particularly praised in two areas of quality assurance: strategic management and system management; 100% of standards met requirements, with 18/25 standards obtaining scores of 4 or higher (which accounts for 72% of the total). This is the second time Dong A University has performed quality accreditation of higher education institutions in compliance with the Ministry of Education and Training criteria.

Dr. Ta Thi Thu Hien, Standing Vice Director of the Council for Education Quality Accreditation - Vietnam National University, Hanoi, stated at the ceremony, "In the period of 2018-2023, Dong A University has made efforts to improve the quality and implement the commitments to improve the quality after the first period of education accreditation (2012-2017). The university also transformed and fully met the new law's standards for system, training, research activities, intellectual property, and, in particular, new approaches to community service activities.

Dong A University is the first private higher education institution to have its own branches and good administrative compliance. The university also takes internal self-assurance cautiously by pioneering self-assessment and accreditation activities for training programs; makes efforts in international cooperation activities, establishes relationships, and creates opportunities for instructors and learners to participate in international cooperation activities concurrent with training activities. In terms of quality requirements, Dong A University has exceeded its own expectation in its 5-year development strategy and vision for 2030. 

The external assessment delegation also highlighted that Dong A University is unique among private universities. In particular, the Certificate of Merit from Da Nang City's People's Committee for the remarkable units in executing Resolution "No.29-NQ/TW" was granted to Dong A University on this occasion as proof and a distinguishing feature in comparison to other private educational institutions.

According to the Ministry of Education and Training's new set of standards, the University develops a team of qualified professors who teach at the University, with 33.44% of the instructors holding doctoral degrees. The university intends to invest in several key fields of expertise while also fostering cooperation and partnerships in science research with the goal of transforming itself into a technology application and transfer center in the Central and highlands of Vietnam and the entire country in Science and Technology strategy under the University Development Strategy for the period of 2018-2025, with a vision to 2035. Furthermore, the mission, vision, and strategy of the university strive to achieve success for each student; and to properly orient and promote the integration of Vietnamese human resources into global markets.

During the program, representatives from the Da Nang City Department of Education and Training also granted Dong A University a Certificate of Merit from Da Nang City's People's Committee for being an excellent unit in implementing Party Central Committee Resolution “No. 29-NQ/TW” dated November 4, 2013, on “Fundamental and comprehensive innovation in education & training, serving industrialization and modernization in a socialist-oriented market economy during international integration” period 2013-2023.

Mr. Mai Tan Linh – Deputy Director of the Danang Department of Education and Training, stated, "Through monitoring, Dong A University has increasingly made consistent, scientific and humanistic developments. Self-evaluation and external assessment have contributed to each individual in the university and each department in making accurate, sufficient, and realistic assessments from which to identify, improve, and produce breakthroughs in the future"

Speaking at the Decision Announcement Ceremony to issue the accreditation certificate of education quality in the second period, Dr. Nguyen Thi Anh Dao, Rector of Dong A University, stated, "The university's accreditation or ranking is oriented towards the learners, ranking the learners' contributions to society, and the satisfaction of stakeholders. Dong A University regards student achievement as the happiness of professors, and enterprise success as the happiness of the institution.” 

Dr. Nguyen Thi Anh Dao also stated that Dong A University currently has a branch in Dak Lak and an inter-level school, Sakura-Olympia, after nearly 15 years of development. By November 2023, the institution will have improved 40 training programs in total, with a concentration on cultural attitudes, including culture of behavior, culture of responsibility, and culture of filial piety. That is why Da Nang citizens commonly witness Dong A University students supporting locals when epidemics or floods threaten the city. The training program also focuses a strong emphasis on competencies and skills of the 21st century in the post-COVID period, such as problem-solving skills, adaptive skills, and so on. Students deeply concentrate on one major job and a minor job, doing internships at domestic and foreign businesses, most often in Japan. Currently, there are many students who leave for internships in Japan and return after completing the program every week. Students have numerous possibilities for integration and growth. More specifically, students have the ability to begin entrepreneurship in order to make meaningful contributions to enterprises and offer employment to a large number of people if the prerequisites are met in the future.

Previously, Dong A University self-assessed its total operations in the second period (2018-2023) in accordance with a set of standards that included 25 standards and 111 criteria. An expert evaluation delegation of the Council for Education Quality Accreditation - Vietnam National University, Hanoi performed an official survey for external assessment of education quality at Dong A University from the 27th to the 31st of August using the following methods: document research, discussions, and personal interactions with individuals in charge of work, direct and online interviews groups of enterprises, students, teachers; and field inspection the University’s facilities for education & other activities. 

In 2018, the Centre for Education Accreditation, and the Association of Vietnam Universities and Colleges announced the decision. It awarded certification for the quality accreditation of higher education institutions to Dong A University with an 83.61% satisfaction rate of criteria (according to the Ministry of Education and Training's new set of standards which includes 10 standards and 61 criteria).