Dong A University assisted farmers in Ly Son in selling shallots and garlics

Being another kiosk supporting to sell shallots and garlics for farmers in Ly Son (QuangNgai), Dong A University is the fifth place in Danang with 700 kilograms of shallots and garlics.

Apart from volunteers standing in front of the gate, other students of the Pioneer Club of UDA also supported to complete and deliver orders for customers after school. On Facebook, both teachers and students continuously share meanings and images to call for help from people.

Especially, the administrators of UDA also gave Ly Son shallot and garlic bags to teachers and staff as simple but meaningful gifts on the occasion of Tet holiday. “This is a really meaningful activity of UDA teachers, which not only introduces an original specialty from Ly Son but also helps farmers get over the difficulties and motivates them to continue producing.” M.A PhanThi Cong - Enrollment Department of UDA, who was born in QuangNgai.

Ms. Truong Thi Song Huong (born in Quang Tri province) - a member of Education Management & Student Activities Department of UDA ordered more shallots and garlics from Ly Son for her relatives. She was moved to share: "This is a high - quality gift with clear origin for my relatives and such meaningful activity at Dong A University is very valuable."

It is also known that after the talk between Mr. Pham Tham- a QuangNgai resident and university representatives and the connection of a volunteer group in Danang as well as community share, currently there have been more kiosks in Quang Nam, Phu Yen, Dong Nai and even orders sent to foreign countries.

According to Pham Tham, the price of Ly Son shallots is now reaching approximately 45 thousand VND/ kilogram and the purchasing power has increased a lot. Retail price is still being remained at 45 thousand VND/ kilogram for shallots and 60 thousand VND/ kilogram for garlics and this price is enough for farmers to receive the capital spent on producing. Mr. Tham said: “Ly Son famers are on cloud nine now because they are selling their products with a good price. They hope that hundred tons of both shallots and garlics could be sold before Tet to have a holiday with both warmth and happiness.

It is known that the kiosk selling shallots and garlics for Ly Son famers at UDA will be maintained until January 25, 2019.

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