Creating job opportunities for students - the goal of Dong A University

Creating job opportunities for students - the goal of Dong A University

From June 30 to July 2, in Japan, Dong A University will sign the agreement to invest and exchange the curriculum with Japanese universities as well as economy groups.

Dong A University has modern facilities, many facilities to serve students

During the last 10 years, Dong A University chose Japan as a strategic partner. Students have chance to enjoy an international working and learning environment.

Students are the center, Japan is partner

Regarding students as the center and building the core value for the young human resource are the main goal of Dong A University. Thus, the curriculum and the facilities of Dong A University are regularly updated in order to meet the demands from students..

With 24 majors, students have chance to enjoy advanced educational policies based on training modules from Japanese education professionals. Especially, 100% students can get opportunities to work in Japan, receive scholarships for learning Japanese and be supported in terms of living expenses and language improvement and so on.

The signing ceremony of cooperation between Dong A University and KYORITSU-DORMY INN Group

According to Mr. Luong Minh Sam - the Vice Rector of Dong A University, integration and international academic collaboration is the global trend and Dong A University is not the exception. For Dong A University, students are the center and will become international students in international environments.

After seeking for a long time, Dong A University chose Japan as a strategic partner as well as an outcome market for students. This plays an important role for Dong A as this is not only the students’ opportunities but also the society’s human resource.”

Within the last 10 years, Dong A University collaborated with Japanese partners in 9 majors including: Nursing, Car Technology, Control and Automation Technology, Food Technology, IT, Business Administration, Marketing, Hospitality, Tourism. Currently, Dong A University is promoting the collaboration with Japanese partners regarding other majors so that all students will have opportunities to learn, work and develop.

Dong A University student reception ceremony of Yokohama City

Dong A University signed the agreement to provide high - quality human resources for leading partners such as M&K Group, Suganuma, Aijinkai, Eiseikai, 7 - Eleven supermarket chain; Zensho group, Route - Inn, Dormy - Inn, LEOC, Global Design IT and so on.

Such medical groups as Kameda, Aoyama Medical, Nozomi, Japan Material Engineering Services, JBMA, Asean Car Business Career - Japan, Eikoh Seisakusho, Care Partner, IFECE, Asrapport and so on. Dong A University also comprehensively collaborated with 4 big cities in Japan including Yokohama, Nagasaki, Teipu, Fukuoka; Chiba IT Association; Tokyo Tourism Association and so on in order to create many more chances for Dong A students.

Especially, academic exchange activities with Kousekai, Nanakamado, International University Kibi and so on have created many opportunities for UDA students.

In 2018, there were 186 students doing internship and working in Japan and receiving the salary of 1500 USD/month. For graduated students, the salary is from 2200 to 2500 USD/month.

In 2019, there were 196 students employed at the Japanese culture festival which was held on April 21. “UDA students who hope to work in Japan will be treated and guaranteed their rights equally like other Japanese students with the same major. In addition, they are also supported in terms of living expenses, scholarships to improve Japanese skills” Luong Minh Sam shared.

Made-in - Japan curriculum

To bring more chances for students, Dong A University promoted the academic collaboration to transfer curriculum for different majors, exchange lecturers, update new curriculum and so on in order to meet the demands from both Japanese partners and other regional companies.

NOZOMI Group interviews and receives students from Dong A University

“The strategic key of Dong A University is training Japanese with Japanese teachers and after being trained, students can work at the country which is suitable for their language skills. In order to meet the demands, in this year, Japanese partners will make investment into educational facilities, campus and curriculum at Dong A University.” Mr. Luong Minh Sam claimed.

Thanks to the endless effort and trust from Japanese partners, the job market in Japan has been widened for UDA students in all majors. For instance, there are up to 60 thousand job positions for Nursing students, 12 thousand jobs for Tourism students and Tokyo Tourism Association is in need of 11 thousand employees.

“That is a large job market and Dong A University is making effort to create more job opportunities for Vietnamese students through satisfying the demands from Japanese partners. There are 72 international agreements being carried out, over 6000 jobs waiting for UDA students, which are a new motivation for Dong A University to expand training scope and create more job opportunities in other countries for students.

In addition, meeting the demands from the Japanese labor market, students will be able work in English - speaking countries such as America, Canada, New Zealand and so on.

With enough working skills, students can return and contribute to the development of Vietnam after studying and working in Japan” - Mr. Luong Minh Sam said.


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