‘Warriors’ smile’ - building bookcases to support cancer children patients

(Lam Bao) - Responding to the campaign “Supporting the warriors of sun flower”, students of Dong A University are carrying out a number of meaningful activities to express the message “Warriors’ smile”.

"Warrior Smile" of Dong A University students with many creative content

This is the 3 rd consecutive year that Dong A University’s students take part in the campaign to contribute to the “Sunflower Festival 2019 - Supporting cancer children patients” on 15 th December. This year’s program takes place in a week, from 9-15/12, at the university’s lobby with a lot of creative contents.

Dong A University students join the campaign to contribute flowers to the Sunflower Festival 2019 - "For children with cancer".

In addition to the space to draw paintings and make paper sunflower to contribute to the Facebook fanpage “The dream of Thuy”, the students also creatively raise money to build bookcases for cancer children patients. When a student “check-in” at this program, he/she will be taken a photo at sunflower garden. After that, the photo will be attached to lovely desk calendars and a box of pens that he/she chooses to support the program.

Visitors can also support fundraising through the purchase of keychains, colorful bracelets at the program. These items made by students themselves are priced from VND 10,000 (less than half a US$), which is a handshake for a reading space of “little warriors” who are fighting with cancer.

Teachers contribute flowers to the sunflower festival 2019 and build a bookcase for cancer patients

Arriving very early in the morning, Pham Xuan Tanh (a student) worked hard to draw every petal carefully to complete his own part in the whole picture of sunflower. “Be strong! Everything will be alright. It is stormy now but the rain can not last forever” is the message to motivate children suffering from diseases to be more resilient, energetic like a sunflower as well as making a contribution to the success of this event.

Pham Xuan Tanh "check-in" at the program with newly completed sunflower painting

Mr. Luong Minh Sam - Vice Rector of Dong A University and other teachers happily joined with students from the beginning of the day. “If every beautiful thought results in an annual community program, both teachers and students will be actively involved when they are launched.”, said by Ms. Le Thi Thanh Lai - Vice Dean of Law Faculty.

MSc. Luong Minh Sam - Vice Rector of Dong A University and the teachers are also excited to participate

On December 7, as soon as getting information about the Sunflower Festival 2019, Nguyen Lam Tuong Vy - a member of UDA Book and Action Club meticulously painted two sunflowers and posted on her Facebook wall with two meaningful messages: “If we have even a little hope for tomorrow, future will definitely be a beautiful day” and “The miracle things will find you!” A lot of teachers and students also spread these humanistic messages on social media.

MSc. Le Thi Thanh Lai - Vice Dean of Law Faculty of Dong A University enjoys choosing a suitable keychain

Tran Nguyen Hong Anh - Head of Pioneer Club with her artwork and pen box with her photo


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