1. Becoming high qualified and skilled labor resources
  2. Having excellent IT skills
  3. Having good communication in at least one additional language
  4. Having good management skills and be professional at work
  5. Having ability to purchase long-term research and study
  6. Having work ethics and responsibility to the community
  7. Having a capacity to understand music
  8. Having ability to work efficiently and successfully



All students meet the training outcomes of graduation (according to MOET's regulations).

  • Complete result of output standards of training knowledge at each level according to the MOET regulations.
  • Complete training certificate courses for physical education and defense education.
  • Get computer technician certificate and office informatics certificate for professional high school students.
  • Good communication in English with TOEIC 450 points for undergraduate student and 350 points for college student and 250 points high school student. Particularly, student of tourist and hospitality has 350 points.
  • Complete training course for soft skills and occupation.
  • Complete assigned scientific research with specific product.
  • Complete executive management course.