Logo & Slogan of UDA


Biểu tượng Đông Á

Sakura don’t just like in East Asia countries

A flower that everyone admired

Its color is a symbol of the beauty

A flower to challenge many artists to find and desire creative.

A flower to encourage joyfulness of all achievements, sharing of sadness

A flower is a symbol of love and hope.

A flower is a symbol of UDA

A five petal flower flower like the mom's hands

Like the teacher’s heart

All the love, the dream, the gift,

Always take responsibility for oneself..

The five petals with its message: Vietnamese students today are global citizens of the five continents, where they’re living with with the warm heart of Vietnamese for continuing of integrating and reaching out.

The five petals had being urging, smiling to welcome the blooming talents of the student’s generation of UDA on the road to success.

We’re very proud of UDA’s symbol.

They will try to study teach, research and apply, unite and dedicate, cooperate and develop.

For them the difficulty is short term and achievement is the goal,

They will develop their personal capacity – recognize collective achievements, try to explore and enrich the knowledge of mankind, to granulate for a beautiful life.

Sakura award is a reward for the moral value

For outstanding achievements and contributions to the community, students, educators, UDA and also their descendants.

Sakura Foundation” had founded and contributed by many UDA generations – the generations for the community, for today and tomorrow!



Biểu tượng Đông Á

Millions of people from birth have dream to become a scientist, writer or teacher. Everyone wants to make dream with the realistic process Building roads to success come true.

The successful road has three basic elements including professionalism, managerial skill and the art of leadership. In other words, it reflects the portraiture of every people. It was formed very early, from the time people realized the difference between sunset and sunrise, from the beginning of personality formation through the learning paths, from experience accumulated every day for portraiture forming.

The mission of UDA is to “Invest in knowledge for personal growth and professional development to build roads to success and contribute to the development of society”.

The same portraitures are rare from the old days because of too much knowledge, skill and above all the skills are art, literature still need experience. Therefore, which ones we need to focus or whose we want to become is very important for setting up the road map of learning, working, adding, accumulating and exploring every day for a qualified, effective managerial and successful employment.

The successful road is not only very flexible, smart but also steady like a stream of water as all rivers flow into the sea. It can wind across rocks; give a pleasant bath for active people, wide opening for competent improving, professional development, managerial skill and leadership practicing so that it helps you clarify the difference between you and the rest of the world.


Ph.D. Nguyen Thi Anh Dao

Rector - President of UDA