International Cooperation


Since 2012:

  • Welcoming more than126 international delegations.
  • Organizing 4 studying abroad conferences
  • Organizing 8 programs for international culture exchange
  • Creating 4 educational exchange programs
  • Signing more than 76 colloborative agreements with international partners

Cooperative programs: support in training activities, recruiting students for internship programs and employments after graduation; organize soft skill training courses like job interviews and arrange company-student dialogue programs …

Prepare students well for high quality and challenging labor marketswith highly unaddressed human resources demands such as Japan, Singapore, Germany… of which we have gotten some achievements as follow,

  • Route-Inn Group (200 students every year)
  • NanakamadoEducation Institute (100-200 student for paid internship program in nursing at Japan)
  • Japan of Asia Foundation (30 IT students for internship)
  • NPO NGO and KoseikaiCompany (40-50 students in nursing for internship)
  • IDO Company (10-30 students in food technology-biotechnology)
  • 7- 11 Group(20-30 students in business administration and tourist)
  • Empire Group (3+6 and 6+6 internship programs)
  • WBS AG Group (training Germany for student), AzuritGroup (recruit nursing students)…

International Cooperation