The signing for training and supplying human resources for IT and DS&AI industries

On March 27, Dong A University and enterprises in the fields of Information Technology, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence signed a cooperation agreement in training and supplying human resources for both Japan and Vietnam markets.

Accordingly, there are three enterprises including Sekisho Japan, Fsoft Da Nang and Axon Active that signed the cooperation agreement in practical training, human resource recruitment in Information Technology (IT), Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (DS&AI) of Dong A University for Japan and Vietnam markets, promote the total number of cooperating enterprises in this industry to over 60 units.

Thanks to this cooperation, students not only receive practical training in professional modules with trainers from enterprises but are directly guided by enterprises after their internship and given priority in recruitment after graduation.

In particular, the cooperation with Sekisho Japan opens the post-graduate working direction for students majoring in IT and DS&AI in the Japan market in addition to the annual demand at other cooperative companies of Sekisho in Vietnam, planning to accept from 40 to 50 students per year.

It is expected that the cooperation creates a thorough connection between enterprises and the school to not only coordinate in recruitment but also support students from the very beginning in terms of requirements and working processes in enterprises, assisting students in early access to the corporate environment, develop their working skills, which would solve the problem of IT, DS&AI that is rare but still remains for a long time.

According to Mr. Luong Minh Sam, President of Dong A University, along with the domestic human resource market, Dong A also promotes international jobs for IT students with many important cooperation agreements signed with Global Design IT Company, Akane, Information Technology Association of Chiba (Japan) and so on to help students carry out their internship and work in Japan with a large acceptance demand, from 100 to150 students per year.

Over the past 10 years, Dong A University has identified cooperation with Japanese partners as a strategic orientation and has developed cooperation in training human resources for Japanese companies.

At present, Dong A University has signed cooperation agreements with 7 provinces, cities and 72 large Japanese corporations and enterprises. So far, the school has sent more than 300 students in 15 majors to Japan to study and work under the high-quality personnel training program.

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