The fourth city of Japan cooperated and provided jobs for students of Dong AUniversity

The fourth city of Japan cooperated and provided jobs for students of Dong AUniversity

Delegations from Izumo city (Shimane, Japan) has directly looked for information and then promoted the cooperation with Dong A University in order to employ students for both internship and working in Japan since 2019.

On the 25th of January, in the morning, delegations from Izumo (Shimane, Japan) including the members of Parliament, representatives of The San-in Godo bank and Sanbiru Inn, have agreed to take students of UDA to Japan for doing their internship and working since the year of 2019.

At the meeting, Mr. Toshiyuki Nagasako - The leader of delegations from Parliament of Izumo told that among more than 4000 foreigners working in Izumo, there are over 300 of whom coming from Vietnam. Moreover, Japanese entrepreneurs tend to look for Vietnamese workers more than others due to the similarities between Japan and Vietnam when it comes to the will to work hard, deal with difficulties and the attitude as well as ambition to learn and gain experience. The friendship between two countries is going to be more long - lasting, especially from 2019, when Japan is going to apply many more opened policies specifically for Vietnam labor force. Taking as an example, Japan will offer a new visa for students so that Japanese businesses can find it easier to employ students directly.

The meeting between delegations from Izumo and the Chancellor of Dong A University.

What’s more, delegations from Izumo also highly appreciated the effort of Dong A University in connecting and preparing human resources of high quality for Japanese partners. According to the figures, the number of students leaving for Japan and working there in 2018 was 186. More precisely, Japan welcomed more than 100 students studying Hotel Management, Nursing, Business Management, Human Resources Management, Information Technology and they are participating in the first period of this program in which they are doing their internship with a well-paid salary while making a good preparation for getting job certificate. After that, they would become engineers and be about to work for more than 72 groups and companies. In 2019, it is estimated that there will be 73 students and the number would increase to 133 students in 2020. Currently, there are more than 700 students of Dong A University trying their best to learn Japanese in order to be offered jobs by reputable businesses in Japan.

Mr. Toshiyuki also shared that the delegations from Izumo decided to choose UDA as the first place for their cooperation in Vietnam in order to get more information and carry out investigation into suitability and expectation of students as well as the university so that they can promote the authority to take new policies into action. Thanks to this, students will be supported when they want to develop their career in Japan, and Izumo city in particular.

According to the representatives from Izumo, they also expect to cooperate with Dong A University durably in terms of human resources of various fields, especially Nursing.

PhD. Nguyen ThiAnh Dao - the Chancellor of Dong A University has always welcomed Japan delegations to come to Vietnam and gather more information in order to suggest opened policies for Vietnamese students in general, and for UDA students in particular to improve their working skills and have chances to work in Japan. In addition, they should be treated respectively and equally like a Japanese citizen. This can positively motivate them to make a good contribution to Japanese businesses instead of giving up while living in another country.

To foster the friendship, PhD. Anh Dao also recommended that Japan authorities and Japanese business association should establish a Vietnamese Students’ Association, organize Japan - Vietnam cultural festivals regularly to bridge the gap between students. In addition, businesses also had better utilize rewarding policies and assist in improving skills for students to get job certificate - a lever for their career development as a real Japanese engineer.

The Chancellor of Dong A University gives bunches of beautiful flowers to delegations from Japan.

Before that, at the agreement signing ceremony to employ directly the first 20 students of Nursing Faculty to work in Japan in 2018 and to expand the scale for the upcoming years, Mr. Hiroaki Tanaka – the Director of Medical and Society Law Office in Yokohama claimed that this was the first time the city authority had signed the agreement to cooperate with a private university in Vietnam after the survey carried at universities in Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Hue and Danang. And this is also the first time the authority of Yokohama city has organized and directly managed the employment of students studying Nursing not only for work but also for assistance in accommodation and life expenses.

Since the partnership with Yokohama authority, a lot of other cities and areas’ authorities in Japan have paid a visit to Dong A university and expected to have a complete cooperation with the university. In the visit to Japan at the end of October, 2018, the leader of Dong A University had a meeting with Fukuoka authority and Beppu authority to discuss the partnership with the aim of creating more job opportunities for UDA students who have expectation to work in Japan.

Apart from cities and leading groups in Japan that have completely cooperated with UDA, in 2018, the delegations including 14 companies in Gifu (Japan) also promoted activities and programs to explore and cooperate with UDA in education and employment for students studying Electricity - Electronics, Car, Business Management, Food Technology and so on to practice and work at their branches in Japan. Prior to this cooperation, the delegations from Information Technology company in Chiba (Japan) as well as delegations from Germany companies carried out similar steps to create a partnership with UDA.

Duc Hoang

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