Switzerland hands over documents of sustainable tourism training programs (STTP)

On November 16th, 2021, Dong A university is glad to organize a handover ceremony of documents on sustainable tourism training programs from the Swiss Sustainable Tourism Development Program (SSTP).

At the ceremony, the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality at UDA received all the Sustainable Tourism Training Program (STTM) documents, serving the integration of free training in each professional module for students majoring in Tourism and Hospitality. It also provides practical training to strengthen the capacity of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as business support organizations (BSOs) to implement sustainable tourism activities.

There are six training programs, including:

  • Awareness building on Sustainable Tourism.
  • Tourism product development and differentiation.
  • Sustainable Marketing.
  • Sustainable Business Operations.
  • Sustainable Tourism Auditing.
  • Sustainable corporate governance in the tourism industry.

STTM programs are developed by SSTP with investment from the Swiss Federal Economic Service – Economic Cooperation and Development (SECO) and are continuously updated.