Saigon Medical Group Collaborates With Dong A University In Career Training Program

The collaboration in training and labor supply between Saigon Medical Group and Dong A University was signed in an online meeting.

As a result, students at Dong A University specializing in Nursing, Pharmacy, Business Administration, and Marketing will obtain professional internships and will be prioritized for recruitment at the hospital system that the firm operates and develops. Simultaneously, Saigon Medical Group will contribute to the creation and building of training programs that meet the unit's requirements and development direction. Furthermore, students will be taught by specialists who have been deployed by the firm to teach topics, participate in experience sharing sessions, and engage in debate with students.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Huynh Le Duc - General Director of Saigon Medical Group - emphasized his satisfaction with the UDA's growth, particularly the flexible training program that allows students to take advantage of chances. Practice well in order to graduate and work successfully, gaining valuable experience for students' future careers.

Mr. Luong Minh Sam, Chairman of Dong A University, stated that the university's flexible training program is highly valued by both local and international partners. UDA is prepared to give extra training modules for other students based on the professional features of the business, so that students are instantly ready to work according to their needs. Simultaneously, as a comprehensive institution, the school hopes to link and extend cooperation with the Saigon Medical Group for students in the other fields in the future. He also advocated collaborating in the realm of scientific research and organizing relevant seminars in the medical and pharmaceutical industries depending on each party's resources and skills.

Cooperation with key partners in each training sector is anticipated to assist students closely integrate training and actual business requirements, training and employment, so that they do not just coordinate in work. Not only do we recruit students, but we also advise them on the requirements and working procedures of businesses, assist students in gaining early entry to the corporate world, and help them acquire working skills.

Simultaneously, developing and deepening connections with the network of businesses linked by industry groupings adds to the construction of chances for professional skill development and employment with over 6,000 job openings. Each year, Dong A University students travel abroad in pursuit of global integration.