NHK television recorded videos about collaboration between Dong A University and Yokohama city

On December 16, reporters from NHK Television (Japan) visited Dong A University to capture videos about the collaboration on Nursing programs between Dong A University and Yokohama, Japan which have been carried out since August.

Within 2 days, they took videos of Japanese classes and tutorials directly trained by Japanese lecturers.

They also paid a visit to a student’s home who is majoring Nursing at Dong A University and preparing to join the internship program in Yokohama early next year.

Sharing with a reporter named Yohei Suzuki, Mr. Luong Minh Sam - Vice Rector of Dong A University said that "Yokohama is the first city cooperating with UDA under a pioneering model, which is now applied to other collaborations with other cities. More precisely, Yokohama authorities directly organize and manage students recruited to work at business system of the city as well as support accommodation, living expenses, Japanese scholarship and lots of cultural exchange events in hopes of building a good confidence and belief from both students and their parents when it comes to UDA’s output strategies.

Currently, UDA has 14 majors that belong to collaborations with over 80 Japanese partners under the similar path. This is also a good human resource preparation for the Central region in the next 5-10 years after students practice specialist skills, have approach to advanced working environment and methods in Japan."

As having informed, on August 1, 2018, Dong A University signed with Yokohama city, Japan - a close friend of Danang city to collaborate on internship and work programs for students majoring Nursing, offering jobs at 9 healthcare centers subordinated to Yokohama Social Welfare Association.

Yokohama Authority also sent the official recommendation letter and issued the decision on recruiting 20 first students of Dong A University to work in Japan since 2018.

NHK was established on the occasion of New Year in 1920 under the BBC Television (England) model with the integration of Tokyo Television (1924) and Nagoya and Osaka Televisions. The first broadcasting program of Japan was shown in 1925 while the first TV show was broadcasted in 1953 and the first colored program started in 1960. NHK has 2 ground channels, 4 satellite ones as well as 2 UHD channels and 3 radio ones.


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