Kangwon National University (South Korea) - Dong A University (Vietnam) cooperation: Excellent cooperative community projects

On the morning of June 4 2020, there are 6,000 medical masks handed to Dong A University students just before class. Those are face masks that the representative of Kangwon National University, South Korea has presented to Dong A University the day before.

Receiving a mask from Vice Rector Luong Minh Sam on the way to class this morning, Nguyen Chau Phat - an Information Technology student, excitedly said: “I am so happy to receive such an unexpected lovely gift from my university and Kangwon National university. At the present, the Covid-19 epidemic is well controlled, but I believe it is still necessary to wear a mask at this stage to protect yourself and people around you.”

At the meeting, looking forward to numerous meaningful community projects that Dong A University and Kangwon National University (KNU), South Korea are cooperating to implement in the near future; Mr. Edward Chu - the representative of Kangwon University presented 40 medical devices to the representative of Medical Department of Dong A University. These devices will be used in first aid training programs, especially first aid training for heart attack and cardiac emergencies for Nursing students in Dong A University.

As of 2021, KNU will send groups of volunteers to Dong A University to participate and develop first aid training projects for local communities with Dong A University students.

Kangwon National University is one of the 10 biggest public universities in South Korea with three campuses accommodating over 26,000 students, including exchange and international students.