Job orientation with VietAbank

On the 22nd of April, Dong A University (UDA) collaborated with Viet A Bank - Danang brach to organize the seminar about job orientation.

This seminar is aimed at helping students gain practical knowledge about their major and orient their career. More precisely, students will have chance to know more about banking, products and services provided by VietAbank.

Also, students asked a lot of questions about training and job opportunities offered by VietAbank as well as other specific questions about different fields such as customer relations, international payment, risk management or human resource administration, which were answered in detail by VietAbank leaders with many valuable advices for students to prepare before attending the interview.

The students ask questions to the bank leaders

Talking about professional skills, Mr. Tran Huu Van Dung - the Manager of VietABank Danang said that during working, each person needs to improve their communication skills and gain knowledge in order to adapt to the work requirements. According to him, the most prominent advantage of Banking is recruiting a lot of staff regularly. However, this also leads to a lot of pressure. Therefore, students must focus on training both knowledge and communication skills for now.

Mr. Tran Huu Van Dung - Director of VietABank Da Nang Branch shared about the position, career opportunities of the bank with students

“When working at a company, attitude is more important than levels in ability. It is easier to realize each person’s abilities than their cultural foundation. However, without a strong cultural base and willingness to work, it is difficult for a person to develop their career.” Mr. Tran Huu Van Dung shared.

VietABank leaders also expressed their hope to collaborate with Finance - Accounting Faculty in a long term regarding to job orientation for students as well as choose the qualified candidates to work for VietAbank in the future.

During the seminar, the speakers shared a lot about professional knowledge related to subjects and practical skills gained through working in reality. At the end of the seminar, students took part in different interesting games and had chance to experience an interview with recruitment professional from VietAbank.

Bank leaders give gifts to students

Viet A Bank representative interviewed students before the internship at the Bank

“The seminar not only helped students get a real overview about their future job but also encouraged them to have belief in job opportunities with motivation to learn from now, especially on such a serious labor market. It is expected that the Finance - Accounting Faculty of Dong A University can receive support from VietAbank in terms of job orientation and opportunities for students.” Mr. Truong Van Tri - Deputy Head of Finance - Accounting Faculty said..