German business delegation expanded cooperation in 3 majors of Dong A University

Tourism and Construction are the next two branches that are cooperating with Nursing between Dong A University and the delegation of 6 city businesses. Rostock, Germany after the Nursing cooperation agreement was signed and implemented between Dong A University and the Caritas City Association. Mannheim earlier with the first students were and are preparing to work.

While teachers and students continue to study in another way, distance learning in many interesting ways to ensure learning progress during the prevention of nCoV, the teacher seeks a job Luong Minh Sam - Deputy The Rector of Dong A University also continued the journey of deep connection with Japanese and German partners to expand jobs for students of various sectors in more localities and businesses!

It is continuing to work with Japanese partners - Shidax Group - the leading community food service provider in Japan with over half a million meals a day on training Japanese nutrition experts and scholarship programs. internship program and work in Japan for students of the University of East Asia Nutrition.

It is working with the business delegation of Rostock City from Germany including 6 groups on nursing, construction and tourism with the need to recruit more than 300 students per year.

In details:

  • Medical group in Rostock City proposed the need for 50-100 nurses with the direction of cooperation to recognize mutual training programs and grant scholarships to study German as cooperation between Dong A University and the previous Caritas Mannheim Association.
  • The hotel group offers to receive 50-70 students per year working in the resort system.
  • Large Construction Association in Rostock City with more than 300 companies is also aiming to receive hundreds of employees from Dong A University.

This is a very good opportunity for students from Dong A University to work in Germany - a leading developed country in Europe, with a high salary (2,300-2,500 Euro) and support for German scholarship.