Expand Students' Professional Opportunities In The Japanese Market

In an online meeting, Dong A University and partners Tatsuokakai Medical Group, Global Design, and Asulead have signed an internship and work-study program in Japan for students beginning in 2022.

This collaboration is intended to pave the path for excellent human resources to be trained in the Nursing, Information Technology, and Automotive industries.

Furthermore, the activity helps to develop a career value chain for students in Vietnam based on Japanese standards in terms of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and culture of working.

The agreement signing ceremony on internship program for Nursing students in Japan 

Nursing students, in particular, benefit greatly from the system of modern nursing facilities in Japan for practicing skills and developing careers. Cooperation with Tatsuokakai Medical Group allows students to get the greatest nursing skills throughout their professional internship under the supervision of chief nurses, allowing them to strengthen their overall abilities. At the same time, they are encouraged to take the nursing profession-specific skills test in order to work long-term in Japan following graduation. The pathway is expected to accept 10 students each year beginning in 2022.

Global Design will build an internship and work program in Japan for Nursing and IT students beginning in 2024, after a collaboration program for paid internship and employment for IT students at Global Design IT Vietnam. Since 2018, the path of 20 students accepted each year has been in place.

The agreement signing ceremony on internship program for Nursing students and IT companies in Japan 

"After three years of accepting students to work after an internship at Global Design IT Vietnam, we are delighted to welcome IT students from UDA to work at the headquarters of Global Design Japan in 5/2022," said Mr. Shirahata Yasunori, Director of Global Design - Japan, during the program.

According to the contract signed with Asulead, the internship program is now ready to welcome the first batch of students to work in Japan beginning in July 2022, including 5 Nursing and 2 Automotive Engineering students.

The agreement signing ceremony on internship program for Nursing students and Auto Engineeing industry in Japan 

On March 15, when Vietnam officially reopened tourist operations under the new normal conditions, 21 nursing students from Dong A University boarded an international flight to Japan to begin their internship program. Aijinkai Medical Group designed and operates a hospital system where you can work as a nursing assistant for one year. This is the first class of students to join Aijinkai Medical Company after completing a nursing skills training course at the Japanese standard nursing practice system, which the group invested in at the school for 6 months. It is also reported that 27 students from the following course are finishing the processes to come to Japan to work beginning in June 2022.

UDA students coming to Japan for the internship in Aijinkai Corporation, Japan

“These are the organizations that are being regarded as the next strategic partners in establishing long-term positions for UDA students of all majors after completing the time of professional internship and working after graduation. Dong A University has been successfully working with 82 local and business partners in Japan. We have already sent over 200 students to Japan to study and work in 15 training fields, and it is building a roadmap for 300-500 students to be able to come to Japan each year beginning in 2025. In conjunction with Japan, UDA is also increasing the employment market and practicing professions in domestic firms as well as corporations in Taiwan, Germany,...” said Mr. Luong Minh Sam, Chairman of Dong A University.