Enterprises come directly to university to recruit students for intership and offering job

(Tổ Quốc) - On December 14th , the National Citizen Bank hold a workshop- job orientation at bank and talkshow-job opportunities for students of Finance and Banking of Dong A university.

This is the first activity in the acitivity chain so called “NCB with Dong A universty students”.

In the program, there was an open and exciting dialogue between students and enterprises with many direct questions from senior finance and banking students such as : what can we students do as enterprises require experience for just-graduate students ? what are the weaknesses of students that need to improve? How to have an effective intership? How to be “in the eye” of recuiters during the internship? Which baking software students can get access to?... that heated the conference hall. 

NCB representatives directly answerd and shared interview-recruitment experience, requirements for students to the new environment, promotion routine for students when working at the Bank.

Mr Ho Van Thanh – Director of central region NCB answering questions from students. Photo: Đ.H

NCB respresentatives said, after the tests on specilization knowledge for 3th and 4th year Finance-Bankinh students, 30 students with the best result will be offered a chance to visit NCB offices to learn about job positions before being accepted for internship in NCB branches. These students also received  communication skill at workplace and personal work management traning from experts of training Center,human resources NCB.

In comprehensive cooperation on training and recruitment with Dong A University, NCB will favourably recruit 30 best internship students for official positions at the bank after passing the interview.

MA. Luong Minh Sam - Vice Rector giving thanks flower to enterprises. Photo: Đ.H

In the worshop, Master Luong Minh Sam, Vice Rector of Dong A Univeristy also emphasised “ the attitude makes a difference and is the key for success in accordance with the model: (Knowledge + Skill+ Foreign Language) x Attitude = Success. 

This is also the main training direction of Dong a University with 3 term job internship at enterprises, students will be empowered with knowledge, foreign language and specilization skills so that they can catch the job opportunities not only at Vietnamese enterprises but also in other countries.

In fact, with 70 enterprise partners, Finance-accounting students of Dong a University are guaranteered 100% opportunity to internship in 3 terms of study in prestigious enterprises as well as  being favorably recruited after graduating without retraining.

Duc Hoang

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