Dong A University fosters collaboration in the training of digital human resources

Dong A University has promoted collaboration in educating highly competent human resources that are tailored to the demands of companies and communities. Special emphasis is placed on training digital human resources.

Currently, more than 40,000 individuals work in digital human resources in information technology firms in Da Nang, with over 20,000 working in software and digital content. Human resources are supplied each year by the city's total enrollment in information technology majors of 5,300 students with university and college degrees.


According to Dr. Nguyen Quang Thanh, Director of Da Nang City's Department of Information and Communications, human resources are a critical aspect with two major forces: professionalism in digital technology, and big labor. Professional force training and digital skills training for employees are two examples of human resource development solutions. This training is mostly provided in colleges, universities, and research institutes in preparation for the digital university paradigm. Deploying and implementing an educational model that integrates technology, engineering as well as business and enterprise; supplementing the content of introduction and training of appropriate digital skills in general education levels; conducting training and vocational training so that students are prepared for the digital environment.

To fulfill the demands of digital human resources, most universities have flexibly reinvented their enrollment processes, established additional training majors, and enhanced collaboration in executing numerous projects for human resource training programs. When the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic is challenging, the promotion of information technology application in online and face-to-face teaching has maximized support for students to access the right knowledge of the curriculum, ensuring the requirements as well as promoting creativity, independent learning, and research in students.

Dong A University has acted as a bridge to give absolute assistance for students to acquire a job while still studying, thanks to a comprehensive growth plan and strengthened cooperation agreements with significant domestic and overseas firms and corporations. You have the possibility to work at huge corporations with signed contracts. The school's strong collaboration sectors include IT majors, hotels, tourism, travel, and so on.

According to Luong Minh Sam, president of Dong A University, UDA aims to closely match training material with requirements through collaboration with key partners in the aforementioned domains. Businesses are using reality to provide students with opportunities for growth. The university's expansion and deep connection with the network of businesses linked by industry groups has established opportunities to develop professional skills and jobs with more than 6,000 job positions, assisting its students who have been and are there are many opportunities to integrate into the new labor market.

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