Dong A University Explores Collaboration with Japan-Vietnam Parliamentary Friendship Alliance (Osaka Prefecture) for Human Resource Training

On November 7th, Dong A University welcomed the Japan-Vietnam Parliamentary Friendship Alliance Delegation and Osaka Prefecture for a collaborative working session. The two parties explored avenues of cooperation with a focus on enhancing the future quality of human resource training.

There was a delegation of 11 parliamentarians, led by Mr. Wada Kenji, Chairman of the Osaka Provincial Friendship Parliamentary Association visit Dong A University.

ĐH Đông Á tiếp đoàn liên minh nghị sĩ hữu nghị Nhật - Việt, phủ Osaka

Proudly extending a warm welcome to the delegation, Mr. Luong Minh Sam, Chairman of Dong A University, emphasized that the university views its connection with Japan as an integral component of its long-term strategy. This partnership stands as the most extensive and robust within Dong A University's international network. The university is committed to nurturing collaboration with Japan, aiming to develop high-caliber professionals. This effort includes enabling students from various backgrounds to gain entry to Japan through our internship program or by engaging in work experiences lasting from 3 to 5 years.

ĐH Đông Á tiếp đoàn liên minh nghị sĩ hữu nghị Nhật - Việt, phủ Osaka_1

In August 2023, Dong A University and Osaka Prefecture formalized an extensive agreement to cooperate on internship and employment programs tailored for nursing students in Japan. This visit serves as a testament to the enduring relationship between Osaka Prefecture and Da Nang City, as well as the ongoing collaboration between the Japan-Vietnam Friendship Parliamentary Alliance and Dong A University.

Speaking on behalf of the delegation, Councillor Mita Katsuhisa expressed gratitude for the warm reception extended by the university. She reaffirmed the shared objective of fostering effective and pragmatic collaboration between the two parties. The coalition emphasized their commitment to jointly addressing specific challenges proposed by the university.

ĐH Đông Á tiếp đoàn liên minh nghị sĩ hữu nghị Nhật - Việt, phủ Osaka_2

The discussions centered on strengthening connections and fostering friendly relations between Japan and Vietnam. In particular, the Osaka delegation committed to cultivating ties between universities and volunteer initiatives. Volunteers are set to impart Japanese language lessons and engage with exchange students, with a specific emphasis on enhancing collaboration in human resource training for Osaka Prefecture.

During this event, students from Dong A University showcased vibrant Vietnamese-Japanese performances. Council members expressed their enthusiasm and gratitude for the meaningful Vietnamese "non la" gifts. 

ĐH Đông Á tiếp đoàn liên minh nghị sĩ hữu nghị Nhật - Việt, phủ Osaka_3