Dong A University collaborates in the training program and preparation of high-quality IT human resources

Dong A University announced on 9th December that LogiGear, Paracel Technology Solutions, and Code Complete Co. had just signed a training collaboration agreement that assists UDA's students to improve their technical skills in Information Technology.

Dong A University signed a partnership with Logigear Co., Ltd., Paracel Technology Solutions Company Limited, and Code Complete Company Limited

This event took place as the university welcomed new information technology students for the 2021-2025 class, increasing the total number of enterprises linked with the institution in this field to more than 55.

IT freshmen ask questions to business leaders.

With this collaboration, UDA’s students are not only guaranteed professional practice opportunities but also have the occasion to participate in projects based on enterprise recruitment criteria and develop the skills required for an employee, which focuses on the ability to come up with ideas and solutions for customers.

Dong A University stated that, for the IT major, new students are extremely anxious to discover what they need to prepare to become a highly qualified human resource, right from the moment they decide to attend UDA and what should students be doing from the start in order to secure a job soon after graduation.

According to Mr. Nguyen Thanh Vuong, Director of Paracel Technology Solutions Co., an IT professional path begins with 60% knowledge and 40% skills and foreign languages. Students must constantly practice self-study in order to improve their comprehension of technology; online learning abilities are required to work online in the digital era.

Students need to study step-by-step, stick with the framework of the training program integrating career modules at the university that have been consulted and contributed by businesses, closest to reality at the enterprise. Besides that, it is also necessary to equip teamwork skills, communication skills, work management to get ready for taking part in projects at the enterprise when working.

Mr. Ishizuki – representative of Global Design IT Japan in Vietnam (on the left with white shirt) answering the questions of students.

Mr. Ishizuki, the representative of Japan Global Design IT Company in Vietnam, stated that the demand for IT people resources in Vietnam and Japan is always willing to welcome students with professional competence and strong foreign language abilities. He said that students need to improve their programming language skills and must have Japanese language competency (from N3 or higher). When they are employed, they will work at branches for 3 years, before working at the Company's headquarters.

According to Mr. Luong Minh Sam, Chairman of Dong A University,  UDA aims to closely match training curriculum with practical requirements through collaboration with strategic partners in the field of IT by combining training and skill development. He said that:" Currently, businesses cooperating with the university is already committed to the quota of receiving at least 10-15 students majoring in IT at Dong A University for internships, as well as priority recruitment for students who had a working semester at the company, then work officially in every year..."

It is known that by expanding and being deeply linked to the network of enterprises based on Industry groups, Dong A University has established opportunities to develop career skills and jobs with more than 6,000 job positions (including in large domestic and overseas enterprises). Since then, students of the university have been approaching many opportunities for integrating into the new labor market.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Hải Châu