Dong A University - Japan Foundation cooperation: a new approach to the development of teaching Japanese language and culture

On May 28, the JAPAN FOUNDATION (JF) paid Dong A University (UDA) a visit to implement a new approach to the development of teaching Japanese language and culture at Dong A University.

This is the third time the two institutions have exchanged, worked and reached important agreements on various strategic projects.

Accordingly, JF will support UDA in training Japanese language lecturers and developing intensive Japanese language teaching curriculum using the IRODORI Curriculum transferred from JF to students who wish to study and work in Japan.

It is known that there are nearly 2,000 students of Dong A University enrolling in different Japanese language courses to prepare for their undergraduate internships in Japan and to work there after graduation. As of 2021, the number of this group will increase rapidly after the official opening of Japanese Language Major with many cooperation projects. Dong A University is the first non-public university to launch the Japanese Language major course which is the third Japanese language department in Central Vietnam with a up-to-100% job guarantee program for graduates.

Vice Rector Luong Minh Sam added that UDA has now cooperated with 82 Japanese institutions & partners in 15 majors with a view to bringing students to Japan to work under engineer standards (students must obtain N3 certification of Japanese language proficiency test). In 2020, 300-500 students are expected to go to Japan for undergraduate internships.

At the same time, the JF also seeks for potentials of assisting the promotion of Vietnam - Japan cultural exchange programs.

Japan Foundation is an international organization founded by the Government of Japan to assist in Japanese language teaching and cultural exchanges with other countries. At the present, there are 22 representative offices of Japan Foundation based in 21 countries.