Danang: Job opportunities up to 2,500 USD/month for nursing students

Danang: Job opportunities up to 2,500 USD/month for nursing students

(VietTimes) - In the first period, about 50 nursing students will come to Japan to practice with salary of US $1,500 per month for 1 year, then work with a salary of US $2,200 - 2,500 per month.

Nursing students at Dong A University are practicing patient care skills at the school's functional area

On April 20, Dong A University (Da Nang) said that after the relentless efforts, despite the raging COVID-19 epidemic, representatives of TATSHOUKAI Medical Group and Japan International Exchange Association signed. agreement with Dong A University on internship and employment for nursing students in Japan.

Accordingly, in the first time, TATSHOUKAI Group will receive 50 nursing students / year (4th year students, Japanese N4 / N3) to Japan to practice with a salary of 1,500 USD / month for 1 year, after That will work with a salary of 2,200 - 2,500 USD/month.

"With such initial agreements, after the outbreak of COVID-19, TATSHOUKAI Medical Group will come to Vietnam and work with Dong A University to discuss the cooperation plan for 10 years" - MSc. Luong Minh Sam, Vice Rector of Dong A University, said.

According to Mr. Luong Minh Sam, to take care of its students in Japan, the Japan International Exchange Association will take care of students on behalf of Dong A University and support students in housing, scholarships, international exchange, organizing cultural activities ... Besides, the Association will coordinate with Dong A University to ensure the interests of Dong A University students when studying and working in Japan.

At the signing ceremony, Japan International Exchange Association also plans to support East Asia to build practice rooms, laboratories, curriculum development and training of lecturers in Nursing, Automotive, Electronics-Automation, Business Administration, IT and Hospitality -Travel.

It is known that TATSHOUKAI is a large Japanese medical corporation in Tokyo, Yokohama area .. there are hundreds of health facilities including hospitals, nursing homes, medical schools ...

Xuan Mai (VietTimes)