Cooperation in training highly qualified human resources in Nursing and Tourism for the Japanese and Vietnamese markets

On November 25, within the framework of the Vietnam - Japan Investment Promotion Conference taking place in Tokyo, Dong A University officially reached three important cooperation agreements in the field of tourism and nursing with Japanese partners in the presence of Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh and a high-ranking Vietnamese delegation.

Cooperation between Dong A University and ASK International Group, H.I.S Group and We Are Asean non-profit association are among 40 bilateral cooperation agreements signed at this Conference.

 Mr Luong Minh Sam – President of Dong A University's Council and Mr Amaya Osami -  Director of ASK International Corporation, signed the memorandum at the Vietnam-Japan investment promotion Conference in Japan.

According to the document signed with ASK International Corporation, both parties will launch the program to bring platform software to teach Japanese and English (TOEIC) in the Vietnamese market, then expand to other Southeast Asian countries; cooperate in translation and book publishing; develop curricula, train students to participate in specific skills exams in nursing, food service, food industry and retail business, etc.

Together with connecting with Japanese partners, UDA aims for 3-party cooperation to research and build special coaching and training programs according to "orders" from enterprises for students doing internships and working in these corporations. The cooperation also serves as a premise for promoting the project of establishing a Japanese language training school at the campus system of Dong A University.

 Mr Luong Minh Sam – President of Dong A University's Council and Mr Nakamori Tatsuya - Senior Executive Director of H.I.S Corporation, signed the memorandum at the Vietnam-Japan investment promotion Conference in Japan.

With a memorandum of understanding signed between Dong A University and H.I.S Tourism Corporation, Japan - the leading unit in outbound tourism - brings Japanese tourists abroad with 276 domestic branches and 110 branches in 84 countries around the world, the career value chain for tourism majors at Dong A University is implemented. The value chain is based on the Japanese standards in Vietnam regarding knowledge, skills, attitudes, and working culture in hotel, restaurant, and travel business administration with the Japanese language before students go to Japan to have internships. In addition, H.I.S will cooperate in transferring training technology, hotel management technology, travel, tourist route management to Dong A University, aiming to train high-quality human resources for Vietnamese tourism in Hotel, Tourism, Travel, and Food Service.

 Mr Luong Minh Sam – President of Dong A University's Council and Mr Oike Koji - President of  We Are Asean, non-profit Association, signed the memorandum at the Vietnam-Japan investment promotion Conference in Japan.

The cooperation agreement with We Are Asean, the non-profit Association is also a premise to ensure the quality of human resources who will participate in the nursing industry in Japan and Vietnam in the long run. Mr Oike Koji - President of We Are Asean, the non-profit Association said: "After about 20-30 years, Vietnam is also forecasted to become a country with a high ageing rate like Japan today. The promotion of a plan to train and foster nurses in the field of elderly care with high standards of knowledge and techniques is the most necessary preparation for the shortage of human resources in this field from now on". Accordingly, students in nursing from Dong A University with Japanese language proficiency from N3 will have a 6-month - 1-year internship in Japan, before officially working at nursing companies in Japan in the next three years as a special skilled employee, aiming to pass the national certification exam in Nursing to work in a long-term plan.

"With the strategy of international cooperation to ensure output jobs for students, Dong A University has also expanded the job opportunities for students in training fields at enterprises as well as leading corporations in many countries, 82 large corporations in Japan, Taiwan, Germany, Singapore, ect have cooperated with Dong A University on training programs according to their needs. Currently, 400 students of the university are waiting for non-Covid flights to go to Japan to work in early 2022," said  Mr Luong Minh Sam – President of Dong A University's Council.

Duc Hoang

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