Cooperation and exchange of international students with Korea University, Korea

Cooperation and exchange of international students with Korea University, Korea

That is the content of the cooperation agreement signed between Dong A University and Korea University, Korea (KUSSO) on February 13.

It is expected that each year, there will be 2-4 student exchange sessions at Korea University at Dong A University, each phase will include many activities that take place in 7-14 days.

The student exchange program is also an opportunity for international cultural exchanges with a variety of Korean language and cultural learning activities for East Asian University students.

In addition, in order to contribute to improving academic quality, the two sides also promote cooperation of academic exchange programs with short-term programs, namely seminars, seminars on Korean language and culture. Quoc. The two sides also strengthen the volunteer program in each stage of cooperation.

International exchange and exchange programs are regular activities at Dong A University with universities in Japan, Australia, Thailand, Taiwan, New Zealand, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and France...

Currently, the exchange and exchange program with students from New Zealand is still exciting with many activities to visit, learn about history, culture, tourism and practical meetings, exchange and study. art with business and lecturer at the Department of Tourism of Dong A University.

It is known that from February 15 to February 26 at Dong A University, there will also be an exchange and exchange program for international students on PBL method with a group of students from 3 universities Shibaura, Fuluoka University ( Japan) and Meishin University (Taiwan).