Co-operation in information technology, artificial intelligence and data science training and human resources supply

Nal Solutions, Orient Software, and Nexle are the three firms that inked an AI&DS (AI&DS) collaboration agreement formally with the University of East Asia on the practical training and recruiting of human resources in information technology domains artificial intelligence.

This collaborative approach not only guarantees 100% professional practice opportunities (for three semesters) of students who are graduated with a major in information technology, artificial intelligence, and data science in other university companies (in the course of their training term) but also participates in "long-term projects," in line with the criteria of recruitment laid down by the company. Therefore, students are trained to improve abilities and other conditions according to the winning concept (respecting and accepting the principle of mutual benefit).

This is an essential prerequisite for students to be willing to participate in the business process in "long-term initiatives."

"The Dong A University Group for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science is presently being developed and trained by excellent lecturers from France, Belgium and the IAD - Dong A University.

In addition to the professional ability developed in the lecture hall each hour of study, the Win-win experience allows young people via the practical experience to obtain competitive advantages through their knowledge and expertise (while participating in the project). "- MSc. Luong Minh Sam - University Board chairman revealed.

In the future, Nexle, Orient Software and Nal Solutions Companies and Dong A University will also collaborate in the research of training processes and quality control following the Japanese model. After graduation, they will create a team that may provide ideas and solutions for consumers through the IT application.

This collaboration established a professional path immediately after the Japanese workforce's graduation in Vietnam specialising in IT, artificial intelligence, and data science. As the co-operation content has recently been tightly tied to training by the signatories and to business practices, education is related to the capacity of students to have access to jobs. In the memorandum of co-operation, such as companies engaging in designing training programmes, actively integrating career modules according to current requirements for enterprises, the sequence of supporting activities is also specified in detail.

Japanese companies will accept 10-20 students from Dong A University every year from their second year, and priority should be given to recruiting students who have worked at Dong A University every year to work formally in the Unit. The company representatives shared their willingness to strengthen collaboration between companies and training institutions in order not only to coordinate recruiting but also to help students at the very outset. This is highly essential to help students become aware of the discipline of work and comply with the procedure early.

"At Dong A University, Artificial Intelligence and the Data Science are considered strong fields in the worldwide digital era integration and competitiveness plan, together with the foreign language sector comprising English - January - Korean - Chinese. The school is working for local and global companies and engaging confidently in the competitive labour market of developed nations to satisfy the enormous demands for staff with both professional and foreign languages. - MSc. Sam added Luong Minh.

The Japan Business Foundation has also announced that it would grant 10 talent development scholarships of VND 5 million each to high-level Artificial Intelligence and Data Science students in 2020. Dong A University has worked effectively with more than 50 business units, including Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, in information technology. The expansion and closer connection with the network of businesses interconnected with industry groups have helped develop students' training opportunities – opening the door to work in large domestic and foreign companies and for Dong A University students every year – with more than 6,000 vacancies.