Policy on receiving nursing human resources - Dong A model

On June 28, in Shizuoka (Japan), the seminar “Policy on receiving nursing human resources - Dong A model” was organized by Shizuoka Social Welfare Association and Dong A University. There were over 20 medical organizations in Shizuoka as well as representatives of the province authority attending.

Having made a speech at the seminar, Mr. Luong Minh Sam – the Vice Rector of Dong A University said that the model of providing nursing human resources for Yokohama city was signed and has been carried out since August, 2018. Until now, there are 4 other cities of Japan collaborating with Dong A University under this model, which are Chiba, Fukuoka, Maebashi and Shizuoka.

Accordingly, these cities’ authorities will also organize and directly manage receiving students majoring nursing at Dong A University to work under paid internship programs within 9 months and work for members of medical system subordinated to Social Welfare Association in Japan. Along with the increasing students joining the program each year, there is more support regarding to accommodation and living expenses for students.

During 9 months of internship, students will have a chance to practice professional skills, have approach to the new environment in Japan and improve their Japanese skills. After completing the internship program, students will return to finish the final year at Dong A University.

This is also the preparation time for students who hope to work in Japan permanently after graduation. In 2018, it was known that the authority of Yokohama city received the first 20 students majoring Nursing from Dong A University to work in Japan.

At the conference, representatives of Nursing centers located in Shizuoka discussed the new visa policy in Japan for internship programs as well as other supporting policies such as Japanese scholarships, job training courses, accommodation and living expenses for students participating in this program.

Students majoring Nursing at Dong A University will be officially employed to do internship within 9 months at Nursing centers subordinated to Miyoshikai in Shizouka since 2019. The number of students employed will increase from 20 to 30 students each year. In 2019, there were 3 students passing the interview and they are expected to leave for Japan in August.

According to Mr. Luong Minh Sam, the number of students who want to learn Japanese is constantly increasing. This number is growing up each month after students successfully register and join the direct interview with representatives from enterprises to capture the opportunity to do internship and work in Japan.

It is estimated that at the end of 2019, the number of students who will leave for Japan would increase up to 1000 students due to the high demand on human resources, especially when there are a lot of new policies for internship students approved. Since 2016, Japanese partners will send teachers from Route - Inn, Aijinkai, Suganuma, Nozomi, Kameda, Trellis and so on to teach at Dong A University in order to help students improve their Japanese skills.

Along with the cooperation, Dong A University also expanded the working market for Nursing students as well as other majors at domestic enterprises and leading Japanese groups such á 7 - Eleven, Zensho, Route - Inn, Dormy - Inn, LEOC, Global Design IT, Kameda, Aoyama Medical, Nozomi, Japan Material Engineering Services, JBMA, Asean Car Business Career - Japan, Eikoh Seisakusho, Care Partner, IFECE, Asrapport, big nursing institutions such as Kouseikai, Nanakamado; International University Kibi, Yokohama city, Nagasaki, Beppu, Fukuoka, Empire Inc Holdings Group from Singapore, Leonardis Group, WBS AG, Azurit from Germany and so on.


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