Maebashi City business delegation to receive Vietnamese students to intern and work in Japan

An additional 8 cooperation agreements to receive students majoring in Nursing, Information Technology, Foreign Languages and Civil Engineering to intern and work in Japan have just been signed on 12 th December between Maebashi City business delegation (Japan) and Dong A University (Danang), which increased the total number of international partners who signed cooperation agreements with UDA to 102.

According to the signed document, UDA and 4 social welfare companies of Maebashi City have reached agreements on the implementation of internship program that accepts Nursing students to work in Japan. 

Accordingly, UDA’ Nursing students will officially do internship from 9 months to 1 year at nursing facility system in Maebashi since 2020. Along with the increasing admission pathway year by year (starting from 20-30 students/per major/per year), Maebashi businesses offer support in accommodation, living expenses, vocational skills and Japanese training scholarships for students participating in the program.

The remaining 4 enterprises also signed agreements to receive students of IT, Civil Engineering, Foreign Languages to intern from 6 months - 1 year and work in Maebashi with a similar roadmap.

During the internship, students can practice their profession, approach the advanced working methods and environment in Japan while improve their Japanese skills. After finishing the internship program, students will return to complete their study at UDA. This is also a preparation period for students wishing to work in Japan after graduation.

Speaking at the program, Mr. Sasaki Masahiro - former anchor of Asahi Television (Japan), Head of Maebashi businesses delegation, said: “The Japanese government has a complete policy to support the admission of people to work in Japan at present. The admission policy of Japan is applied for worldwide human resources, and we expect to receive the most from Vietnam. Over the past period, through research and survey, we also tried to create a comfortable working and addmision environment, offer various forms of admission that are suitable for students’ choice to welcome them to work in Japan in long term.

Maebashi is one of 6 Japanese provinces and cities that are cooperating comprehensively with UDA in training human resources for the city. In particular, the Nursing is promoted in accordance with the cooperation model to provide nursing human resource for Yokohama city which is highly appreciated and expand in 2020.

This is the first business delegation of Maebashi to conduct cooperation with UDA after the conference “Policy of receiving human resources in nursing” held in Maebashi in last April with the participation of the Mayor and leaders of medical facilities in Maebashi.

Duc Hoang (To Quoc)

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