1.Young researcher incubator

1.1.Ms. Trieu Tuan Anh 
Trieu Tuan Anh graduated BSc in 2010 onChemical Engineering from University of Technology - Viet Nam National University HCMC,  MS in Biomedical Sciences in 2015 at Gachon university, Korea. I worked at Environmental and Food Engineering Derpartment - Nguyen Tat Thanh University as a lecturer from 2011 - 2020. Currently, I am a lecturer at Dong A university. During the last 10 years, I has been focused on finding green methods for extracting natural compounds from herbs and also applying those on pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and plant protection products.

1.2.Mrs. Nguyen Thi Huynh Van
She is a final student at VNUK - Institute of Research and Executive Education Danang University, a Biomedical science Major. She accumulated experience in Computational Chemistry Laboratory belong to the Kangwon National University in Korea. Besides, She also participates in the Division of Medical Biotechnology and Oxford University Clinical Research Unit (OUCRU) Centre for Tropical Medicine with topic related to cancer and antimicrobial resistance.

1.3.Mr. Nguyen Tan Khanh
Nguyen Tan Khanh graduated BSc in 2020 in Pharmacy from Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy.  After graduated, I worked at the Laboratory of Drug, cosmetic, and food quality control center, Thua Thien Hue province as a quality tester. At the present, I am a Master student in Data Science at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Hue University, and a researcher at Dong A University, Vietnam.  I have experience working as a researcher on studies related to chemistry and research and development of new drugs. My research interests are the applications of data science and machine learning to research in the chemical and biomedical fields."

2.Emerging research topics

The Social Impacts of Tourism
Tourism is more than just a business; it also has social, cultural, political, and environmental implications. As a result, it is critical to recognize that any assessment of tourist impacts should consider not only observable economic consequences like income and foreign exchange profits, but also non-economic and intangible effects like social and cultural ones.
The methods in which tourism contributes to changes in value systems, individual behavior, family connections, collective life styles, moral conduct, artistic expressions, traditional rites, and community organization are referred to as social and cultural impacts of tourism. In other words, they are the impacts of tourists' direct and indirect interactions with people in host communities.

Dong A University recognizes this as one of the research avenues to give valuable solutions for the community, thanks to the power of a highly experienced and competent staff.

Artificial intelligence and Data science
Artificial intelligence is a real-world field whose ultimate objective is to automate all human tasks that now need human intellect. The main challenge is to create a method that operates in the same manner as the human brain does.
Data science is also popular right now, and it is used to address complex problems analytically. The main challenge in data science is dealing with massive amounts of data. Though there has been a huge growth in research opportunities, there are still certain limitations, such as a lack of computational capacity and human resources.
Dong A University has been developing a research team with many experienced and highly qualified members, following the technology trend, with the goal of eventually becoming one of the applied intelligence research centers. artificial intelligence leader in the country

Health science
Human and animal health are the subjects of health science, which is a branch of applied science. The study, research, and knowledge of health, as well as the use of such information to enhance health, treat diseases, and understand how humans and animals work, are two aspects of health science.
Our researchers specializes on the development and application of natural chemicals with therapeutic qualities, and has a team of several industry specialists. We investigate the pathogenic mechanism and develop a usable product in collaboration with a number of different research centers.

3.University networks

Research partners

  • Phenikaa university
  • Dong Do university 
  • Ho Chi Minh university of medicine and pharmacy
  • University of science, Vietnam national university Ho Chi Minh city

4.Ranking and citations

Dong A University is ranked 73rd among Vietnam's universities (August 2021)
The Webometrics Ranking of World Universities provides rankings of universities throughout the world based on the dimensions of educational institution websites according to three criteria: visibility (or impact), excellence (or scholar), and openness (or transparency).

5.Knowledge sharing and dissemination

Every year, Dong A University, we hold seminars and online lectures in which a significant number of departments, students, and professionals from various subjects participate. We live by the motto of constantly sharing, always learning, and always growing.

Furthermore, a scientific research competition is held each year to encourage students to engage in scientific research, as well as to identify and develop future researchers.