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In 2002, Finance & Accounting was one of the majors offered within the Department of Business and Economics of Dong A Vocational School, and later of Dong A College in 2006. Department of Accounting was established as a separate academic unit in 2009 when the college became Dong A University, and the department has been since the most populated department at the university in terms of student enrollment.

The Department of Accounting provides accounting education in a framework of business complexity with thorough knowledge of essential concepts and practice in accounting and auditing to help students develop their abilities to use and integrate accounting information with other information toward attaining professional careers in public, private, government and not-for-profit accounting.

Duties And Objectives

  • Implementing the teaching plans in Accounting majors
  • Planning development strategies for Department
  • Developing and improving training programs
  • Managing the training quality and method
  • Conducting scientific research in the field of accounting
  • Adapting the active learning and teaching method in order to enhance the quality of training
  • Organizing the extra-curricular activities to help students develop the necessary skills upon graduation
  • Training of accounting professional with the proficiency in their discipline or profession, good awareness in professional ethics
  • Upon graduation, students will be able to work for enterprises, auditing companies, banks and other related organizations