Her story of determination and persistence, going from a village life on a life onstage inspired UDA students.

On the night of the Opening Ceremony for academic year 2022, Miss H’Hen Niê, crowned Miss Universe VIetnam 2017 made a guest appearance and shared her experience. Her story was one of courage, determination and a resolve to overcome her circumstances, H’Hen Niê’s journey from a village girl to Miss Universe Vietnam inspired all those who listened and garnered fervent applause from the audience.

H’Hen Niê’s personal story served as an encouragement for Dong A students to believe in oneself, overcome challenges and setbacks; to never lose sight of one’s dream and purpose; with perseverance and hard work, any dream can be achieved.

            In recognition of her journey of perseverance and inspiring story of determination in the face of hardship, the Dong A Board of Directors awarded Ms. H’Hen Niê with the title of Cherry Blossom Ambassador. “H’Hen Niê’s story is not one of success and fame but one of perseverance and unending effort in the face of hardship. She is an inspiring figure that truly embodies the school’s virtues and has emboldened many hearts on this night.” -Dr. Anh Đào, Principal of Dong A University.