Cooperation in training nutrition experts and receiving UDA’s students to intern and work in Japan

On December 18, Dong A University (UDA), Shidax Corporation (Japan) and Suganuma reached a tripartite agreement on training Japanese-standard nutrition experts and providing scholarships for internship and work program in Japan for UDA’s nutrition students.

The cooperation with Shidax - the leading community food service provider in Japan with more than half a million meals per day, is in the process of developing high quality human resources training in Japanese - standard industrial food catering and food quality management.

According to the signed document, Shidax will coordinate in professional training, specialized materials, visual teaching tools as well as Japanese language education for UDA’s nutrition students. At the same time, it will send Japanese nutritionists to directly guide and train students with the Japanese-standard equipments in some subjects such as food quality management, food catering management,…

Ông Shirata Toyohiko - Giám đốc Tập đoàn Shidax, ông Kurato Suganuma - Giám đốc Tập đoàn Suganuma và ThS. Lương Minh Sâm - Phó Hiệu trưởng Đại học Đông Á ký kết hợp tác 3 bên đào tạo và tiếp nhận sinh viên ngành Dinh dưỡng

The cooperation is expected to open up a career pathway in Japan for nutrition students by establishing a roadmap of receiving students to intern and work since 2020. The cooperation also provides a package of VNĐ22 million-worth Japanese language education and vocational skills for 100% UDA’s nutrition students, helping them ready to meet the requirements of working in Japan immediately after graduation.

At the same time, with the desire to develop a safe food model on the basis of nutrition formula with enough energy for each subject: student, children, elderly,… contributing to the nutrition strategy and safe food, reducing obesity and increase life expectancy, UDA also aims to comprehensively cooperate with Shidax Corporation on the implementation of a safe industrial food catering in Da Nang after the signing of this agreement. In particular, the main human resource implementing the project will be Japanese nutrition experts and UDA’s students who would be trained in Japan.

“Currently, UDA is also developing an interdisciplinary ecosystem of Nutrition, Food service in the tourism industry, Food technology to build a safe culinary culture to develop products from rural farmers, which contributes to the national key tourism economic strategy”, said Mr. Luong Minh Sam - Vice Rector of UDA.

The cooperation with Shidax is considered to be the next strategic cooperation after UDA had connected its 14 majors with more than 80 Japanese, German and Singaporean partners in training and recruiting students. These cooperation has helped about 500 students to intern and work abroad every year.

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