Accreditation of Nursing Training Program, Association of St. Bonifatius Hospitalgesellschaft Lingen eV accepts students from Dong A University to...

On November 17, Dong A University and the Association of St. Bonifatius Hospitalgesellschaft Lingen eV (Emsland region, Germany) reached an agreement to cooperate with the German nursing program for students of Dong A University.

This cooperation is expected to open more career development and long-term work in Germany and Europe up to 100% for Nursing students of Dong A University. “Along with Japan, Taiwan, and Germany, the next strategic market has been connected in recent years for the goal of 300 students majoring in Nursing and other disciplines of Dong A University to work abroad every year,” said Mr. Luong Minh Sam – Chairman of the Dong A University Council.

To advance this strategic cooperation, the experts of the two sides also conducted a comparison to officially recognize the entire theoretical training program and the quality of experimental teaching in Nursing at Dong A University in Germany.

According to the signed document, nursing students from Dong A University year 3 will begin to acquire specific knowledge necessary for professional practice in the nursing and patient care environment at the hospital. Germany in addition to receiving specialized training according to the training program at the school. At the same time, students will also be supported by Bonifatius Association to train in German skills to the B1 level, ready to work in Germany right after graduation.

Then, after arriving in Germany, students will participate in supplementing professional skills for 6-8 months of work experience at hospitals with a salary equivalent to the usual level. This is also the time for students to improve their German to the B2 level and prepare for the exam for a full-time nursing license in Germany. After that, students will have at least 3 years of working in a system of hospitals and nursing care facilities owned and operated by the Bonifatius Association in Lingen, Leer, Papenburg, Sögel, etc. permanently in Germany and Europe afterward.

Ansgar Veer – General Director of Bonifatius Medical Group said, “Nursing is considered the best profession among different professions, because this profession brings love and affection. warm, caring to those around as well as being able to connect people with people. Along with our efforts in learning German as well as foreign languages, we always welcome students to join the human resources team at the corporation in Germany in the near future.”

It is known that from cooperation with the Association of St. Bonifatius Hospitalgesellschaft Lingen eV, in the near future, Dong A University will also promote the next cooperation connections with corporations in Emsland, Germany for opportunities for students to practice their careers and work.