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Hướng dẫn làm bài thi Toeic hiệu quả - 18/05/2017

Guidelines for taking the TOEIC test

Here are some guidelines that help you do well on the new TOEIC test.

1. Be on time.

2. Make your self comfortable

3. Sit as close to the audio sources as possible.

4. Read the directions carefully.

Before beginning the test, you will read a set of general directions. You will also be given specific directions as to how to answer each part of the test. Study the directions and the sample questions in this book carefully so that you will be familiar with the test format.

5. Work rapidly and carefully.

When you take the test, do not spend too much time on any one question. Work as fast as you can.

6. Do not take notes.

While you are taking the exam, do not make any notes on your answer sheet or on any other piece of paper.

7. Guess.

8. Mark only one answer per question.

Questions with more than one answer marked will be counted wrong even if one of the answers marked is correct.

9. Follow the directions of the test examiners.

If you do not follow the rules during the test, your score may not be counted.

10. Look over your answer sheet

One minute before the test ends, check your answer sheet. Make sure there are no unanswered questions.







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