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Undergraduate Nursing programs at Dong A University were established in 2011 with the first intake of 22 nursing student who came from various provincial areas in the central region of Vietnam. Our Nursing programs foster an atmosphere of informative learning and enlightening practice with a passion and commitment to caring. In the following year of 2012, the number of enrolled nursing students increased to 240+ of whom many were nurse practitioners seeking to enhance their professional education and to advance their career in Nursing.

The Faculty of Nursing prepare students for a career in professional nursing through acquiring general knowledge of related sciences and specific knowledge and skills from nursing practices and theories. Nursing faculty articulate a philosophy of nursing in which nurses provide healthcare for culturally and ethnically diverse individuals, groups, families and communities in hospitals, homes and community based settings. For the strategic longer term, we offer a choice of paths: caretaker, administrator, teacher, researcher, and licensed nurse practitioner qualified for working overseas. Our graduates will be instilled with learning opportunities within an intellectually stimulating environment incorporating clinical practice, research, and service to the domestic community and the greater regions of countries.

Program Objectives And Training Facilities

  • Training of nursing professionals at the university and vocational level to meet the caring for and protecting people’s health
  • Training and enhancing nursing teachers to improve teaching capacity of domestic nursing training schools and nursing educational providers
  • Training and collaborating with oversea partners to provide licensed nurses qualified to support the work of nurses in hospitals and healthcare facilities abroad.
  • Conducting scientific research in the field of nursing and other related fields for nursing education and professional training.
  • Five designated classrooms with a capacity of 40-50 students each; two larger lecture halls capable of accommodating about 100 students
  • Three skills labs and 10 off-site practice rooms for basic sciences and clinical practices in combining with local medical examining faculties in the Hai Chau District for learning and practices.
  • English Center and Practice Labs with full audio-visual media, learning software, and multimedia systems for improving skills in English communication and English for Nursing.
  • Computer lab for specialized training purposes.
  • Contracted facilities for clinical practices in 7 public and private hospitals located in the city of Danang
  • Community nursing facilities for practice in collaboration with medical care centers at local communes.
  • Practice facilities for graduation in contractual agreements with a major hospital in the city and those at several neighboring provinces in the central region of Vietnam.