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Faculty of Economics and Tourism is one of firstly established faculties at Dong A University (UDA). The Faculty has been developing gradually with the growth of UDA. At the present, The Faculty is one of key faculties in education, especially business administration and tourism.

The Faculty has 5 different majors, namely Business Administration, Marketing Management, Human Resources Management, Tourism Management, Hotel and Restaurant Management and Travel Management. With the sense of experience and experiment-oriented education, our faculty members continuously improve knowledge, competences and update international education programs – particularly, UDA has supported lecturers to study at many reputational universities in the region and world to enhance teaching and learning quality.


The Faculty is responsible for educating and training students majoring in Business Administration, Marketing Management, Human Resources Management, Tourism Management, Hotel and Restaurant Management and Travel Management. Additionally, we do research regarding these fields.


1. Education and Teaching

  • Executing teaching plans of given majors
  • Setting up and developing strategies for the Faculty’s development
  • Designing and planning education programs for given majors
  • Clarifying and turning all goals, syllabus, contents and education approaches into reality
  • Managing quality, contents, education approaches and scientific researches regarding given majors
  • Managing, storing academic and conduct results of students
  • Doing research about teaching and learning method enhancement, suggesting plans of complement, modifying and maintenance for teaching-learning-experiment instruments
  • Composing and implementing course syllabus and textbook given by the Rector,
  • Conducting extra-curriculum activities for students to improve necessary life skills, such as, field trips, clubs, volunteering, etc.

2. Scientific research

  • Announcing and implementing research given by the Ministry and other public parties,
  • Improving and enforcing quality of faculty’s scientific research
  • Implementing research topics according to UDA’s regulations

3. Human Resources management

  • Managing faculty members and students of the Faculty of Economics and Tourism
  • Setting up personnel plan, joining the recruitment, ensuring people recruited suitable with the Faculty’s requirements,
  • Building education program, nurturing and improving professional competences of faculty members,
  • Supporting teaching, doing research of faculty members to ensure quality of human resources,
  • Setting up plans and executing political and conduct training for lecturers and students,
  • Managing facilities and equipments of faculty,
  • Developing and maintaining relationships between the Faculty with other parties and individuals internally and externally


The Faculty of Economics and Tourism aims to be one of leading faculties educating and researching about business and toursim in Vietnam with a variety of the highest education programs to meet enterprises’ needs and requirements.


The Faculty of Economics and Tourism brings useful and realistic experience to students regarding business and tourism, especially in business administration, human resource management, marketing management, tourism management, travel management and hotel-restaurant management. Education program offers updated knowledge of business, professional skills, leadership and realistic experience that are critical for working in enterprises, supporting the development of Vietnamese economy.