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The Department of Construction Engineering and Technology was established as one of the first departments at Dong A Vocational School prior to becoming the second biggest academic unit at Dong A University nowadays.

The Department offers variuos programs in civil and industrial construction engineering.


  • Planning to establish and implement the department’s strategy.
  • Developing and improving curriculum.
  • Setting specific and proper objectives, contents, training approaches for each of the Department’s majors.
  • Management of training quality, training methodology and research for each of the Department’s majors.
  • Conducting research to enhance learning and teaching methodology.
  • Providing students with a broad variety of opportunities to participate in academic and extracurricular activities to ensure that students acquire knowledge, skills and insights relevant to the current and evolving practice in construction engineering and technology.
  • Conduting research studies at different levels of the university, the city and the state while contnuously improving research quality.
  • Management of the Department’s lecturers, staff and students.
  • Developing the Department’s personnel plan, recruiting lectures of high professional capacity, skills and experience to meet the demands of the industry.
  • Providing training to enrich the lecturers’ educational knowledge and experience.
  • Constantly evaluating the lecturers’ teaching for the purpose of quality teaching assurance.