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The mission of Dong A University is to help students invest in knowledge, build the roads to success through developing professional knowledge, professional working skills, management skills, and art of leadership, encouraging the spirit of learning and long-life study, and raising the responsibility to contribute to the development of the country and society.


  1. Dong A University desires to “Building roads to success”, “Investing in knowledge to change your life”
  2. Dong A University intends to become one of universities which have the largest number of successive students who are proficient in their specialties, working skill, management skill, be full of motivation and responsibility and become excellent managers in the future through the advanced models and training methods.
  3. Dong A University always tries its best for the success of students, the success of enterprises, the happiness of the teachers and the prosperity of the country.


Millions of people have been dreaming of being scientists, writers or teachers since they were young and they all have wanted their dreams come true and we named that process as “building roads to success”.

The road to success includes three factors including professional skill, management skill and art of leadership. In other word, it is the self-portrait of each person. It is early found when the human being began to realize the difference between dawn and dusk, to form personality, through the process of studying and experiencing to get a perfect portrait. Everyone must orient himself to a specific field in order to build a route for studying, working, experiencing to success.

The road to success always welcomes those who have the will and continue with talent and profession development, management skill, art of leadership, which helps to distinguish you from the rest of the world.