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1.  Founder

Base on the Decision number 644/QĐ-TTg on May 21st, 2005, the Prime Minister authorized to establish Dong A University.

Dong A University is located in Da Nang city, which is a place of spirit of fondness for learning, creation and resilience. The founder of the university gave it a name with the hope that it has been being the university of East Asia region and symbolized it with Sakura.

The founder was born and brought up in Tam Ky District (currently known as Tam Ky city), a mountainous area of Quang Nam province. Soon realizing the poor and difficulties of the hometown, the founder burnt in her heart a will when she was very young.

Be worthy of that spirit, she graduated University of Hue (formerly known as Hue University of Sciences) with an excellent degree and was invited to be a lecturer at this university. She also graduated the course Master of Education Management with an excellent degree, and was exceptionally transferred to research student without taking exam.

Currently she is a representative of Da Nang People’s Committee (reappointed tenure 2), with the expectation of reorganizing Vietnam Government at all levels from grassroots level to residential groups, hamlets.

She - the founder named after the flower Sakura – Mrs. Nguyen Thi Anh Dao symbolizes the spirit “study and work, work and study” and “where there is a will, there is a way”.

2.  Upstream history

The University was established from the ideal of serving business, provide skilled labors for the company established by herself and enterprise community. The university was established on January 28, 2002 with the name Dong A Vocational School in Da Nang City. At that time the guideline of the university was that “students’ success is the happiness of lecturers, enterprises’ success is the happiness of universities”.

Over many years of operation, board of directors has decided to transfer university’s activities to the purpose of serving community, make it further progressing in the future to be worthy with its name and has decided to promote, broaden educational activities with the name: Dong A University (transaction name in English: UEA)

A corner of Dong A University

Practice lesson at informatics practice room

3.  At the present

It has been 3 years from the establishment, also nearly 10 years when it was still Vocational School, board of directors has prepared for the development of university for the next 100 years.

Currently, the university already has site plan locating in Da Nang city with two plots of land – one situated in the centre of the city which is expected to be the biggest and the most beautiful university among private universities in Da Nang city, another one is located in Hoa Hai which is 5km far from the centre to the North with the area of 135.000 m2. In addition, the university has prepared for the development strategy in Quang Nam with the area of 91.600 m2, in Daklak with the area of 100.000 m2,…

The university has been making an effort to improve the staff, to fund for investment in the critical time of Vietnam economy.

4.  In the future

Dong A University would like to leave and say with all student generations that only when we freely study and work together to build happiness for ourselves and community, can we get true happiness and more loftily we can leave the happiness for the next generations.

The founder would like to prepare for the successor of the university the vision that educating a person when he begins to form his personality is to build the road to success for himself.

In the future, Dong A University will belongs to many student generations, teachers and all the social community, the next generation of whom have gave a hand to build and help our university in the past. The meritorious generation will inherit and develop the university with all their best. Dong A University does not belong to no one, it belongs to the worthy ones.

In spite of difficulties in sight, Dong A University members will surely find for themselves the true happiness.


Sakura is not only beloved in the East Asian, it is attractive to everyone and challenge how many artists to explore and desire to create. Its color encourages the pleasure of every success, share the sadness of every misery, and sow the seeds of unending belief.

The symbol of Dong A University is Sakura. The flower with five petals looks like a hand of mother, like the heart of the teacher who spend all his love, inspire a dream, lay the expectation on students and always take on responsibility to himself, like the desire of building up the most beautiful flower of the Japanese.

Five petals send a message that Vietnamese student nowadays is the human of five continents who always aspire to integrate and reach far. Five petals urge and welcome talented students on the road to success.

Dong A University members always proud of their symbol. They have been studying, teaching, researching and applying into practice, uniting, dedicating, cooperating and developing. With Dong A members, difficulties are just temporary, achievements is the target. They have promoted their ability, respected achievements of cooperation, explored and supplemented knowledge resource of humanity.

The prize “Sakura” is a value spiritual award for excellent achievements and dedications for community, students and researchers, for Dong A University and their offspring.

The fund “Sakura talent fund” have been established and developed by how many students of Dong A University, by community for today and future


Graduation ceremony

Millions of people have dreamed of being scientist, writer or teacher when they were born and they all have wanted to realize their dreams and that process is called “building road to success”.

The road to success includes such basic factors as professional skill, management skill and art of leadership. In other word, it is the self-portrait of each person. It is found early when human begins to realize the difference between dawn and dusk, when he begins to form personality, through the process of studying, experiencing to get a perfect portrait. Everyone must orient himself to a specific field in order to build a route for studying, working, experiencing to success.

The road to success is always opened and welcomes everyone who has a will, talent development, profession, management technique, art of leadership, so that it helps to distinguish you from the rest of the world.